Counseling for Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal emotion that is necessary to keep us safe. But when anxiety starts to overwhelm us and interferes with our daily life, it becomes a problem. People seek counseling for anxiety when it becomes excessive or leads to debilitating behavior. Anxiety should not stop you from living your life. You should be able to work, attend school, and build and maintain relationships.

What Causes Anxiety?

Anyone can experience extreme anxiety, including children and teenagers.  It usually is caused by life stressors and various life experiences. You could be experiencing stress from your job, relationship, finances, school, or a traumatic event.  Anxiety could also be genetic, a side effect of a medicine you’re taking, or an underlying cause of a medical condition.

Extreme anxiety or anxiety disorder causes obsessive thoughts, issues with concentration, restlessness, and physical responses such as that of an anxiety attack. You could possibly be experiencing trouble with sleeping, having racing and unwanted thoughts, or uncontrollable fears. Anxiety can also cause health issues such as overly tense muscles and high blood pressure.

What Should You Do About Your Anxiety?

You don’t have to live with anxiety on a regular basis. I have experience in treating children, teenagers, and adults with anxiety. To treat anxiety in children, I use behavioral therapy and cognitive behavioral . For teenagers and adults, I use one or more of the following therapies: cognitive behavior therapy, person-centered therapy, and humanistic therapy.

During your first session, we will discuss what you think is causing the anxiety. I will let you lead the conversation and listen while you explain the situation. I want you to speak openly and honestly about what you’re experiencing. From there, I will create a treatment plan that will give you strategies to manage your anxiety.

Are you ready to free yourself from constant anxiety? Please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m here to help you find peace.