Counseling for Depression

Sadness is a normal emotion that everyone experiences from time to time. Extreme, persistent sadness isn’t normal and should be treated. Seeking professional help for your depression is not a sign of weakness. Counseling for depression is the best way to get better.

Symptoms of Depression

Sadness is different from depression. Sadness is our way of handling a loss, disappointment, or frustrating situation. This could include the loss of a loved one or the frustration of not getting something we wanted such as a job. Usually, when we experience sadness, we’re able to find a positive way forward.

Depression is a complicated illness that touches millions of people. With depression, we’re unable to find a way forward. It can negatively affect so many different parts of your life. You can lose motivation for the things you love. Some people lose their appetite or are unable to sleep well while some people may find it hard to get out of bed.

Depression can affect everyone differently, but typically people who are depressed suffer from persistent negative emotions. If you’re experiencing feelings of despair, fear, anxiety, shame, guilt, and hopelessness, you should seek counseling.

Treatment for Depression

Symptoms of depression that last longer than two weeks rarely go away without professional treatment. I will work with you to find the best treatment plan to improve your physical and mental health. To treat depression in teenagers and adults, I use one or more of the following therapies: cognitive behavior therapy, person-centered therapy, and humanistic therapy.

In our first session, you will take the lead in the conversation. My job is to listen and provide a safe place for you to discuss how you feel openly and honestly. From there, I will create a treatment plan that addresses your particular situation. With each session, we will work through your depression and find a way forward together.

You no longer need to suffer in silence. Contact me today to schedule your first session.