Counseling for Teenagers and Children

Deciding whether your teenager or child needs therapy is no easy decision for a parent. However, the brain of anyone under the age of 25 is always going through different stages of development, and it can be challenging for a child to work through the many emotions they experience in addition to life stressors like divorce, loss, or abuse.

Here are some things to consider if you are deciding whether you should get counseling for your¬†child. First, you want to identify if you there are currently any stressors in your child’s life. Are you getting a divorce? Did they experience abuse? Is your child being bullied?

Next, you want to think about how they behaved before the stressor and how they’re behaving now. Are they more anxious than usual? Are they moody, depressed? If your child is exhibiting these behaviors or you have noticed that these behaviors have deepened, you should consider therapy.

It’s also important to pay attention to extreme restlessness, sleeplessness, long periods in bed, or inability to finish homework. How much does this behavior interfere with their social life? Has it affected their grades, interest, or hobbies? Are they eating regularly? Symptoms of anxiety or depression are troublesome when it starts to change your child’s life in a big way.

What to Expect During Your Therapy Session?

Each child is different and deserves a treatment plan that addresses their unique situation. During the first session, I will listen to your child to identify the issue. Depending on the situation, I might meet with your child in private or with you in the room. Along with discussing the problem, we will talk about their family life and childhood. Our discussion will help me get a better idea of how the situation is affecting their lives and how their life is influencing the situation.

From there, I will create a treatment plan to help your child work through their feelings and provide strategies to help them cope with the situation in a more positive way.

If you’re ready to seek counseling for your child or teenager, please don’t hesitate to contact me.